मंगलवार, 29 जनवरी 2019

Live every day to its Fullest

Short is this Life, time running fast

Do what you can,
Just try your Best,
Facing Challenges on the way
And all the Fire Tests.

Challenges will turn into opportunities
 Just dare & persist on the way,
Fire tests will prove blessings,
Bringing out the very Best within you.

You just set your standards high,
Breaking your self-records with bold try,
Not indulging in comparison or contrast trap,
Sticking to your original Self, living your own life.

Try to live as a blessing in the World,
Leaving sweet memories behind,
Purifying the Ambience,
Radiating Positive vibes.

Spreading Peace, harmony & Goodwill,
Inspiring all struggling ones to the real Self,
Short is this life, my Dear, time running fast,
Live each moment as if this Day is the Last.

चुनींदी पोस्ट

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