बुधवार, 15 अगस्त 2018

On this Day of Freedom

India is not just a piece of land,
It is a living Existence to me,
India is my beloved Motherland,
I am proud of its glorious past,
Bow in awe & great admiration to the,
Great sacrifices of its patriotic sons & daughters,
That we are breathing today in the air of Freedom.
But worried about its present,
When human being is no more humane,
Sometimes he stoops even to lower levels,
Where even animals don’t dare,
He then acts like a demon, asur or pisaach,
But all are not that bad, incorrigible or dead asleep.
Hope lies in the hands of its true sons & daughters,
Who are awake, aware and prepared,
 To do something for the Motherland,
Make sacrifice small or big to the Mother India,
To whom he/she owe this body, Mind & Soul.
I wish and pray,
This fire of Patriotism sparks in every heart,
And every Soul contribute something Solid to the glory of this Motherland
If we dare & live the Truth India live, if we compromise our Mother will suffer. 

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