The song of sanyasin लेबल वाली पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

With Swami Vivekananda, in the Hours of Meditation,

  S ong of the Sanyasin Bold   Wake up the note! the song that had its birth Far off, where worldly taint could never reach , In mountain caves and glades of forest deep , Whose calm no sigh for lust or wealth or fame Could ever dare to break; where rolled the stream Of knowledge, truth, and bliss that follows both. Sing high that note, Sannyasin bold! Say– “ Om Tat Sat, Om !” Strike off thy fetters! Bonds that bind thee down, Of shining gold, or darker, baser ore ; Love-hate, good - bad and all the dual throng, Know, slave is slave , caressed or whipped, not free ; For fetters, though of gold , are not less strong to bind; Then off with them , Sannyasin bold! Say– “ Om Tat Sat, Om! ” Let darkness go; the will-o’-the-wisp that leads With blinking light to pile more gloom on gloom. This thirst for life, for ever quench; it drags From birth to death, and death to birth, the soul. He conquers all who conquers self . Know this