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Travelogue - In the lap of Surkunda Hill via Dhanaulti-Dehradun

A blessed trip for the seekers of Himalayan touch Surkunda is the highest peak in Garwal Himalayan region near Mussoorie Hills with Shaktipeeth at the top. It is easily accessible by motorable route from Dehradun as well Rishikesh side. The trip to Surkunda from Haridwar advances from Rishikesh with Chamba town on the way. It is a wonderful tour with breathtaking views on the route. From DSVV Haridwar, it takes just half an hour to reach Rishikesh. There from Mahakali temple, the road ascends towards Narendernagar, a small hill town situated at the foothills of Kunja Devi. The route crosses through dense jungle and dripping water sources on the roadside. The panoramic view of Rishikesh from the ascending heights looks spectacular. Within half an hour one crosses through Narendernagar, the small town established by King of Garhwal, whose palace still bears a majestic look on the top of small hill as Ananda Resort; occasionally graced by celebrities, sports and film stars