light लेबल वाली पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं

Stormy Challenges on the Way

Shall burn all Night I am a lamp, Shall burn all night, The stormy challenges on the path, Till the last breath shall I fight . Present is full of struggle, Darkness I will face with my all might, Light is my destiny, my way & my birthright, Present is painful, but the future is bright.

The Mirage of Self-deception & the Way…!

Never loose the insight The Challenges from outside are easy to counter, Mostly situational, not much to be feared, Real dangers are the nearest one from inside, Senses bent on deception, mind without insight. The lust to indulge, the greed to possess, The attachment blind, Ego on the cloud nine, Ground shaky, but ambition on the top of the world, Lofty Ideal lost in short cuts, not ready to pay the price. Outer challenges at times threatening & insurmountable, But, the Real challenges are from the inside, Even in victory can feel defeated, in defeat can see victory, It is all deep within, outer merely its reflection, distant echo. Real work to be done is within, visible only as tip of iceberg, Hidden in the dark realm of the unconscious is the Villain, the Beast, Eternal vigilance, eternal patience & courage, the price it demands,   Time is short, way long, Just stand for the Ideal, that is the only Path, With clear vision, determ