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Spirituality, its Meaning, Need & Importance

Spirituality - In Indian tradition, spirituality means Adhtayam , that is made of Adhi+Atman . It means complete study of self. Psychology also claim to study human personality but with all its sincerity & scientific precision, it has its own limitations. It is confined to the study of human behavior, cognition, emotion & further unconscious realm of mind, if we talk about its psycho-analytic aspects. But Spirituality goes deeper. Further it talks about Chitta . Whole practice of Yogic spirituality is based on Chittavriti Nirodha i.e. checking mind at unconscious depth. And going even further to the center of human personality, which it claims to be of super conscious nature. It is termed as Higher self or True self. And it is this realm of human existence which is the center of yogic meditation & spiritual practices In Indian tradition higher Self is not separate from the ultimate reality (God) called in Upanishads as Brahm . The mahavakyas like – Ayma